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Teal Glass Tiles Kitchen

Denise Hunter   Glass Tile   December 06th, 2019 - 11:07:23

The reason for doing this is when installing the glass tiles you do not want to see the trowel marks through the glass tiles. Another key to think about when installing the translucent tile is to make sure the surface behind the tile is white. If you have a painted kitchen and the walls are currently a dark or strong color that color could appear through the glass tile. If installing the translucent tile make sure the surface is painted white first and make sure the use of white thin set as well. The second type of glass is where the glass itself is a crystal type glass with the color backed on the back. Most 4mm or 8mm crystal type glass is clear and then the color of the tile is applied on the back of the tile giving it the color.

Whether youre looking to retile your bathroom make a crafty project or add a little pizazz to your kitchen with glass tile its all possible. Here are five different ways you can put glass tiling to work in your home: Kitchen Floors: This first place to use glass tile is possibly the most obvious: kitchen floors. There are hundreds if not thousands of different colors and styles of glass tiling. Using mosaic tiles as kitchen floors can add a punch of color and flair to your otherwise drab cooking space. Tile flooring is ideal for the kitchen because its easy to clean and is extremely durable. Kitchen Wall Backsplash: If the flooring project is too ambitious for you or you just dont want such a busy pattern you should consider using it on countertops. Glass tiling is perfect to use on the walls behind kitchen countertops.

Clean water is the key to finishing the job quickly and thoroughly. Once the tiles have been cleaned check for any voids or pits and fill them in as needed. Use the sponge and clean water to wipe away any remaining grout. Allow to dry for a few hours and then use a dry cheese cloth to clean the remaining grout residue. After the glass tile has dried for 48 hours its ready for use! Glass tile is not only beautiful to look at its also quite versatile. The Romans were known to use mosaic tiles all over their empire to create a feeling of home and to add religious pictorial and decorative significance to rooms of their homes. So if youd like to do as the Romans did get yourself some tiles.

No matter what type of wall you have in your home you can decorate it with recycled glass wall tiles. Add a splash of color to your living room spice up your kitchen or breathe some new life into the master bedroom. The skys the limit when it comes to all the things you can do with tile. Just open your mind and prepare to see an amazing transformation. There are so many different sizes colors and shapes of tiles currently available the only trouble youll have is picking out which type you like best. Recycled tile is especially beautiful because every time you look at it youll remember that youre helping the environment. The mixture of recycled glass can also result in a beautiful iridescent look depending on the style that you buy. Recycled glass tile is a very strong building material that is easy to clean impervious to water and is also heat/thaw resistant.

The reason so much more grout is removed than when grouting conventional tile is because light refracts better through the glass tile when the sides of the tiles are exposed to the light. Work 3x3 spaces for about ½ hour or until the grout begins to dry then sponge off the grout. Bring several buckets of clean water and a sponge to the work area before you begin. Soak up some water into the sponge and gently wipe away the excess grout that is adhered to the tile. Smooth the grout lines with the sponge using one continuous swipe. Flip the sponge over and swipe more grout from the tiles until it becomes full of grout. Rinse the sponge in a clean bucket of water and repeat.

Choosing the right grout color to match your glass tile is essential to preventing blemishes and imperfections from being easily spotted. Because of the reflective surfaces on these tiles grout can disrupt the refraction of light easily catching the eye and revealing blemishes in the tiles. A suitable match is one that is similar in color to the tiles color. Mixing grout is as simple as making pancake batter. Use a paddle bit and a ½" drill to mix non-sanded grout into a five gallon bucket stirring in water slowly. Once the mix has achieved the consistency of pancake batter the grout will be mixed to perfection. Add more water or more grout as needed to thin or thicken the grout mix.

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